Save a life. Adopt from a shelter.

New Beginnings

Bidding farewell to our dogs and cats is always a little sad, afterall, we come to know them and to love them like our own. But at the same time, what a great feeling it is to watch as our animals drive away with their new families. Whether they turn left or right from our gravel driveway, we know they are on their way to a life of love and happiness and boy do they deserve it! Although over the years we have adopted out many animals, here are a few of our more recent happy tails



Napoleon is a beautiful American bulldog mix, likely with lab and is just one year old. He is a wonderful but strong dog and will benefit from some basic training but that's true of all dogs. He is smart, engaged and listens well so with the right guidance he will learn quickly. He already sits like a champ. Napoleon is super friendly and absolutely adores people. He is very affectionate and just melts into a mushy marshmallow whenever he gets even just a little bit of attention. He is a real heartbreaker that way. He also loves to run and play and chase after his toys in the dog park. Napoleon does well with female dogs but is not great with other males especially in the kennel environment. As it stands, he is not a dog park dog. He was very sweet though with the two male puppies that were recently in our care. Napoleon's ideal adopter is someone who is dog savvy and who is willing to work with him to help him reach his full potential. He has a really good heart and a really good spirit and with the right amount of love and guidance wow, he'll be one awesome dog!! In fact he is already awesome so he'll be awesomer :-)


Chippy and Nahoe

Nahoe and Chippy may seem like an unlikely duo but love knows no breed and having lived together since they were pups they have become deeply attached. They are approximately 6-7 years old and while we know it is harder to find a home for a bonded pair, separating them is not an option and would be too hard on their morale. They are troopers and are doing their best to adjust to this major change in their lives.

Sadly, their guardian passed away suddenly and despite efforts to find them a home time was limited so we were contacted to help. The good news is that they are incredibly sweet-natured and gentle dogs - they love people and cats, are house-trained, behave well on a leash, they love to ride in cars and they have not a speck of aggression, If you think they sound too good to be true, think again – they really are this wonderful.

Chippy, the lovely little border collie cross is timid upon first meeting new people but it doesn’t take long to gain her trust and once that happens you have a friend for life. She is such a little heartbreaker. Nahoe, the gorgeous Rottweiller mix is quite outgoing and readily comes over to say hello. She tends to show her love by leaning against her favourite people – she seems to know how strong she is though so she leans quite gently. Despite her size, if the opportunity presents itself she'll happily crawl into your lap for a snuggle.

We are confident that with just a little bit of time to figure out their new routine and as long as they are together, they will transition easily into a new home.



Myrna is a gorgeous purebred Alaskan Malamute who sadly spent her entire 8 years of life tethered outdoors at the end of a chain. Despite being deprived of human companionship Myrna was very quick to connect and really enjoys being with people and is very affectionate.

Myrna will, however, require an experienced owner who is willing to accept the fact that she is very reactive to other dogs and who has the ability to respond to a dog who needs strong leadership. In an ideal scenario Myrna should be in a home where she can live her life away from the stress that she clearly feels when encountering other dogs. Her life was pretty crappy so a fenced backyard where she can play and a nice comfy bed of her own will be a definite step up.

If you think you can offer Myrna a stable home where she can live out her life in a calm and reassuring environment please let us know and we will be happy to talk to you more about her.

Myrna really deserves a home.



Meegan was rescued from a remote northern community and is now looking to find the comfort and love that only a family can provide. She arrived at the shelter along with 3 others and she is the only one yet to find a home. At 8 years of age she is slightly older so while it might take a little longer we are optimistic her happy new beginning won't be too long in coming.

We don't know how long Meegan was without a home but 8 years is a long time to survive on her own so likely she was being given some degree of care but a pampered pet she was not. She is a husky mostly likely mixed with lab. She is a friendly and loving girl who wants nothing more than to be close by and to feel secure. There is something very unassuming about her; almost as though she doesn't understand just how deserving she is of happiness and love.Meegan walks very well on the leash, so well in fact that if she is keeping up the rear, at times we feel the need to look back to make sure she is still there. She will only pull if she spots another dog while out for a stroll. This is because she is very dog social and wants to say hello and perhaps romp around and play. She does not however do well with cats.

This, gentle and quiet girl won't ask for much but deserves the best. If you can offer Meegan a soft bed, a gentle hand and a whole lotta love then please consider a visit to the shelter to meet her . We have no doubt she'll work her charm and win you over as she has done with all of us.



Meet King who is 10 months old and with his incredibly long and lanky legs can make it around the dog park in half the time it takes the others. Maybe he'll grow up to be a super model! We have it from a very reliable source that he is a husky/German Short Hair Pointer mix. He is very friendly, good with other dogs and seems good with cats too. He is young and will benefit from some basic training but he isn't a hyper dog, just young and playful and full of life.

The tip of his left ear is damaged. We're not sure how that might have happened but it is completely healed and we think it just adds to his already wonderful character.



Pippa is a sweet and friendly dog who recently lost her home and family due to a separation. Going from a home to a shelter isn't an easy adjustment and Pippa is understandably a bit confused by this monumental change in her life but we are happy to say that she is settling into a routine and seems much happier now.

She absolutely loves to run and chase her ball and when she is out in the dog park all of her stress seems to just melt away. She is so genuinely happy to indulge in a game of fetch that it is difficult to bring an end to her fun and take her back indoors. We play a lot of fetch! She walks quite well on the leash and weighing in at less than 40 pounds she is very easy to handle.

Pippa is an extremely fun-loving, affectionate and very good natured dog who gets along with dogs, cats and is good with kids too. She is also quiet in the house.



Jasper is a happy, happy, happy dog. He loves to play, he loves people and he loves the company of other dogs. He was an absolute favourite amongst the staff at the pound where he ended up after being picked up as a stray. The hope was that he was just lost but it seems nobody was looking for him so he eventually made his way to us. Our job now is to find him a loving home with an adopter who will appreciate and embrace this wonderfully playful, friendly and active young dog. At 9 months Jasper is still a pup and has lots of puppy energy so he'll need an adopter who will provide the direction, training and exercise he needs to channel that energy. When playtime is over he quiets down nicely in his kennel and likes to show off his sweet and cuddly side. While Jasper is dog social he plays somewhat "enthusiastically" so while we've paired him with others who enjoy his enthusiasm he might be a bit much for some dogs. He just needs to learn. We have listed him as a lab/Vizsla mix because this is what we were told and he is quite tall and lanky and has the wrinkly forehead of a Vizsla but there may also some staffordshire in the mix.



Some dogs just sell themselves. Rhonda is one of those dogs but because introductions are initially through this bio we'll do our best to represent her adequately. Despite being dumped at a muncipal pound when her owner decided she had no more time for her, Rhonda remains a happy, affectionate and friendly dog. She was quick to settle in at the shelter and seems to pretty much take life in stride. She loves other dogs and is great with cats too. Rhonda is gorgeous and at a year and a half she is full grown but may still fill out a little.She isn't quite as stalky as your average rotti and her tail, while docked, is not a bob so it still has a lot of waggability. Rhonda is a fun and loving dog and she is gonna make some lucky adopter very happy!




This little cutie is full of life and finds joy in everything he does. At just 5 months he is a typical puppy who loves to play, loves to tumble, loves to give kisses and loves to be loved. Rescued from the north a little over a month ago, he was spared a life of struggle and hardship and instead will grow up, and grow old, experiencing nothing but kindness and love. Since his arrival at the shelter, Kojak has been getting lots of playtime with other puppies and dogs and is learning the important social cues that only other dogs can teach. He is enthusiastic and spirited but knows when it is time to back off and refocus his energy. He would do great in a home with another dog but will also be fine on his own as long as his adopter is active and will give him lots of outside time and indulge his love of play. He is a champ at tug-o-war. Kojak is still a pup and will need more work on his housetraining but he is smart so with a committed approach it shouldn't take long. A home where he is not left alone for long periods is required at this time. We are big believers in teaching puppies proper manners and basic obedience so if your schedule is jam packed best to opt for an older dog. This little guy needs a home where he will be given the tools he needs to grow up to be a well balanced and well behaved dog.



Aria is a lovely husky mix who was rescued as a stray from a remote community in northern Quebec. Aria is a friendly and well tempered young girl who is incredibly sweet and loves to give kisses. She is extremely affectionate and is most content when she is with people. She is always thrilled when it is her turn for a walk and happily trots along the wooded trails. She is learning to walk on the leash and is already doing much better. Aria also enjoys her playtime in the dog park but we have a sneaking suspicion that more than the off-leash time what she really enjoys is the opportunity to indulge in some one on one time with our volunteers. While not a fearful or timid dog, we have noticed that when she gets excited if we raise our voice even slightly, she quickly hunkers down on the floor. Sadly, the northern strays are not always treated with a kind hand so Aria was likely "taught" her place in a less than loving way. To think that this gentle and shy girl endured any kind of harsh treatment is heartbreaking and makes her love for people all the more endearing. Aria seems fine with most other dogs but she generally prefers to get to know them at her own speed. A home where she is the only dog and gets ALL the attention would probably suit her just fine (she loves to snuggle) but a home with a quieter more submissive dog would be ok too. Aria is between 1 and 2 years old and given the chance we know she will be an incredibly devoted companion. She has so much love to give.



Arsenio like Myrna came to us in late December having spent 10 years chained outdoors. His chain was so heavy and old it had to be cut off with giant bolt cutters. The day he was finally set free was a great day but now he needs to find a home. Arenio is a stunningly handsome malamute with the most beautiful blue eyes. But beyond his looks, he is also a real charmer and is winning over all those who have the pleasure of spending time with him. Although he was never walked on a leash, with a harness he does quite well and despite being deprived of any real affection or attention for the past 10 years, Arsenio remains a happy and good-natured dog. He is clearly thrilled to be free of his chain and he so loves his daily walks! Arsenio seems to do well with other dogs and is very “chill” when interacting with them at the shelter.



We would love to know where Liberty comes from and how she ended up a stray but her past, it seems, will remain a mystery. Liberty was found running loose just a few miles from the shelter. With no identification and no reports of a lost dog fitting her description, all we could do was hope her family was out there somewhere and that we would eventually hear from them but that call never came so Liberty is now looking for a new home. Liberty is a real people dog and is very friendly. She is an older girl and as such seems somewhat set in her ways but she is happy and is making the best of her temporary sojourn at our shelter. She can sometimes be a little crabby with some of the other shelter dogs but we like to keep our dogs socialized so she spends lots of time in the outdoor dog run with a couple of the dogs whose company she seems to enjoy. She tested ok with the cats at our shelter but in a home environment she is a little intrigued by their presence and might chase them so some adjustment time will likely be necessary. Liberty walks well on the leash and enjoys playing with her ball. There is something about Liberty that is very touching and she has that special intangible something that draws you to her. She is a lovely lab who, despite her white muzzle, is only 6 or 7 years young.



Dexter is a bernese/lab mix who is approximately 2 years old. He is a friendly and outgoing dog who is dog social and will be tested with cats. He is a new arrival so we will post more information shortly but i the meantime if you are interested in finding out more please drop us a line.



We've listed this lovely, gentle girl as a shepherd mix but sometimes our ability to identify breeds is put to the test and Cookie is a tough one. Boxer, beagle, pug have all been considered. A real Heinz 57 :-) What we do know is that she is a very loving and sweet dog who is overjoyed to finally be free of her life of terrible neglect. Cookie was very thin when she arrived and making things even harder, she had the added responsibility of having to care for her 4 puppies which she did with tender loving care. All her puppies have now found wonderful homes and we are hoping her turn will come soon. She will always bear a slight physical scar of her neglect (her collar had become embedded in her neck) but her spirit is intact and her devotion runs deep. She is just so thrilled to be experiencing so many new and wonderful things. Happily, dogs are incredibly forgiving and can be very resilient. Cookie cannot live with cats and can be a little picky about which other dogs she likes to play with so we know that limits her options somewhat, but there has to be someone out there who can offer this sweet and loving girl the second chance she so deserves. Cookie is approximately 3 and is so ready to leave her past behind and embrace all the wonderful things that lie ahead.



Bruno has been at the shelter for almost 6 months. Why is he still with us? Honestly, we really don't know. Well, maybe it has a little something to do with the fact that he cannot live with cats. We know that limits his options somewhat but we also know there are lots of cat-free homes out there. Bruno is very people friendly and thrives on attention and affection. He loves belly rubs and though a little too big to be officially labelled a lap dog, he'll do his best to squeeze in. He is a happy and playful dog who loves to run and chase his rubber Kong in the dog park, is good on the leash, enjoys long leisurely walks and as an added bonus he travels really well in the car. He is also wonderfully calm and is content to just hang out and chill. Bruno gets along with most of the dogs he meets although he does seem to do best with females and submissive males. When out and about, away from the shelter, he pays little attention to other dogs and instead just keeps to himself and enjoys the company of his human companions. Simply put he is a great dog who deserves a great home. Bruno is about 1.5 years old and is a very handsome shepherd mix possibly with some hound.



Jenny came to us having just given birth to a litter of 10 puppies. The puppies are now weaned. She has done her job well but now it is time for Jenny to take a step back and take some well deserved time for herself. Ten puppies is a lot.

Jenny is a German Shepherd mix who is small in stature and is as gentle as they come. She was rescued (just days before giving birth) from a remote northern community where life for strays is a tough existence so it's a pretty safe bet to assume she has faced her fair share of struggle and hardship. She is clearly a survivor and is a sweet and loving dog who just wants to be warm, fed, safe and secure. She gets along with other dogs and we know she will indulge in every ounce of love her new family will give to her.

Jenny is anywhere from 4-6 years old.



Rosco is a 4-6 month old pup who is fun loving and full of beans. As is too often the case, he was brought home by someone who fell in love with the cute puppy without considering the responsibility involved. Rosco has had no training and no boundaries were set for this little guy so he still has a lot to learn but he is smart and eager to please and with the right motivation, he will absolutely figure things out. He isn't misbehaved, he just needs direction.

Even at this young age he is already quite tall and lanky so we expect he will be a biggish dog. He is beautiful and friendly and gets along great with other dogs. We are anxious to get him on track to becoming a well rounded and well behaved dog. We just need the right adopter to come along to get him started.




As a housedog, Coco is a sweet and extremely well behaved 3 year old staffordshire terrier who was surrendered to our shelter by his family because they no longer had time for him. He is very calm in the house and so affectionate and loving. Coco is a fun and friendly little dog and as an added bonus he knows all his basic commands. He sits like a champ when getting him readied for his walk and waits at the top of the stairs until he is told to go. He is very good on the leash too and his foster mom is continuing to work on this. He is a great size even for an apartment and loves going for long walks. Prior to coming to the shelter Coco lived happily with a toddler and with cats. He does not do well with most other dogs though and can be reactive on leash but we are bringing in a trainer to work on this. Coco is currently in a foster home in Montreal where his foster mom will gladly welcome a meet and greet but meetings at the shelter can also be arranged. Coco cannot live with cats.




Zomba is a big pussy cat, at least he thinks he is. He is big and powerful but he chooses instead to show off his gentler side. Zomba arrived at the shelter with his brother Jango and while our initial intention was to find them a home together, following our evaluation we are confident that although they enjoy playing together, each will do fine if adopted separately. Our goal really is to get this beautiful boy with a beautiful spirit into a home before the long cold winter. Zomba is very well behaved and even when he and his brother are animated and playful he listens well and comes when called. He walks quite well on the leash and enjoys his jaunts along the wooded trails. He will, on occasion, be intrigued by a chipmunk or other small scurrying animal but even at that he doesn't pull too hard.

If you are not familiar with this breed, please do a little research before giving us a call. They are wonderful, wonderful dogs but they aren't for everyone. They can be a bit slobbery (although Zomba not so much) they snore and they will eat an average 5-7 cups of food per day. If, however, you know and love the breed and have room in your home and your heart for this big boy, you will be suitably impressed with this powerful yet gentle dog.

Zomba is two years old.



Dinah is a sweet and gentle dog who has been patiently waiting for her happily ever after for far too long. She isn't a demanding dog, she just needs a home where she can live out her years comfortable, happy and loved. Dinah may be a senior but she has a great zest for life and still looks forward to her daily morning walk. On summer days she happily trots along the wooded trail in great anticipation of a little playtime in the cool stream that marks the end of the trail. Dinah is very well behaved on leash and off and doesn't stray. If she gets a little too far ahead simply calling her name once will remind her to wait. When it comes to other dogs, Dinah can be a little picky but we certainly don't rule out a home with another dog as she has many canine friends here at the shelter. In fact, a bright spot for Dinah has been her friendship with Monty, a husky who was her faithful companion. He was adopted recently and although we are thrilled for Monty, we are sad Dinah lost her special friend and playmate. Dinah cannot, however, live with cats. So while we know that adopting an older dog is not for everyone, we just need one person to look past her years and see her for what she is, a beautiful. loving dog who deserves to spend her remaining years in a home of her own. If you think it might be nice to have a companion to sit by your side while you read a book or watch TV or a furry friend to keep you company while you garden or putter outside, Dinah will happily fill those roles. Dinah will be a loyal friend and will warm your heart every time she looks at you with her beautiful brown eyes and her trademark crooked ear. Dinah is 8 or 9 years old and is a husky shepherd mix. She recently had her summer shave and looks very cute.



Cachou is a wonderful dog with a strong and engaging personality. At just over three years old he is a playful and interactive dog whose favourite past time is to run and chase sticks in our dog park. Cachou is, in many ways, an easy dog in that he is well behaved in the home, walks like a pro on the leash, knows his basic commands and listens well. He also has a gentle disposition but he can become uneasy in certain scenarios so despite all these wonderful qualities, Cachou will need a dog savvy adopter who can read his body language and know when he is beginning to feel stressed or tense in any given situation. He doesn't need to be disciplined in these instances, what he needs is to be made to feel secure and to be taught how to cope and manage his stress. Cachou lived in a home with young children and while he was wonderful with the family's own children, he did not like the energy and hustle and bustle of large groups of children with whom he was unfamiliar. Because large groups of children was a common occurrence in this home, and because it clearly caused him stress, his family decided he would be better suited to a home where the dynamic was more consistent and calm. So now what we need to do is find him that home.




At roughly 15 pounds, Chico is cute and small but don't be fooled, he is a Jack (Parson) Russell Terrier through and through and has the energy, intelligence and spunk to prove it. Chico is just two years old and has already been re-homed multiple times. Why? Because he is a high energy breed who has had the misfortune of being homed with people who didn't do their homework and had no business bringing a dog like Chico into their lives. Our mission now is to ensure this cycle does not continue and to find him an adopter who knows and understands the breed and will give him the exercise and stimulation he needs to thrive and be a happy and well rounded dog. The good news is if Chico gets the exercise he needs he settles down and is quite calm in the house. He gets along well with other dogs especially those who are confident and well socialized. He loves to run and chase the ball in our dog park but he also loves to run and chase cats, cows, deer and probably anything else that will scurry away so Chico is not a dog who can be off leash unless in a securely fenced yard. He has lived with children but can be a bit nippy so to be safe, a home with older kids is probably best.

Chico will benefit from some basic obedience training (sit, down, stay, heeling on leash etc.) but he is smart and a fast learner. He is also quick and agile so if you are looking for a jogging partner or a dog to run agility, Chico will no doubt be a keener.

If you have experience with this (or any other) high energy breed and love how engaged and present they are, we really hope you'll consider giving this guy a much deserved chance to finally have a stable and loving home. He is smart and very interactive and with the right motivation and training he will be a great dog!



Sassi is a sweet, soulful and super affectionate lab mix. She wants nothing more than to be loved and is happiest when cuddled up close. At 1.5 years, she does have some left over puppy energy so an active family or one that keeps her otherwise stimulated would be great for this young girl. She is very well behaved in the house and in her former home was left alone for long periods without any problems. She lived with another dog and seems to get along fine with those we've introduced her to. Sassi walks pretty well on the leash and with just a little more work will be fine. She is smart and responsive and in the short time she has been with us has really settled into a her routine. She is a happy girl but very ready to move out of the shelter and back into a home.



Casey is a young and happy collie shepherd mix who was found as a stray and never claimed. He is very friendly and loves to play fetch. He’ll chase just about anything that we throw but he seems to have a preference for sticks. He is lean and lanky and quite agile so should be a good hiking or jogging partner. Mostly though he has a wonderful enthusiasm for fun and frolic and is very engaged so he is a fun dog to have around. Casey is very good natured and gets along with most other dogs big and small. Despite Casey's very gentle manner, unfortunately he does not like cats and cannot live with them. An ideal home for Casey is one where he has someone to hang out with a good part of the day while he settles in; even if that “someone” is another dog. So there you have it, not sure what more we can say except that he has won our hearts and we’re all rooting for him to find a wonderful new home soon.



Living life at the end of a 8 foot chain is no life at all. For three years Atticus lay in the same patch of grass, snow or mud and had no real shelter. He ate alone, he never chased a ball or played with other dogs and likely was never taken out on walks. A chained dog is not a happy dog but luckily for Atticus, this past January his "family" decided they no longer wanted him and surrendered him to us. Atticus has proven to be yet another shining example of just how forgiving and resilient dogs can be. Despite being treated like a living lawn ornament for the better part of his life, he is a friendly, affectionate and happy dog. In the car on the way to the shelter he snoozed all curled up in the cozy blanket we provided and would occasionally stick his head over the backseat and give kisses. Somehow he seemed to know his life was changing for the better. Atticus loves to run and play in the fenced in dog park and he gets along with most other dogs although occasionally there will be one he isn't quite so sure about. Having had limited to no experience walking on the leash he does tend to pull but we're working on it. If Atticus thinks he is living the good life now, just imagine the joy he will experience when he moves into an actual home. He has so much to look forward to and we can't wait for him to discover all that awaits but for now he is happy to have a comfy bed, 2 meals a day, other dogs to play with, a daily walk, playtime in the dog park and most importantly human companionship. Atticus is approximately 3 years old and is a husky lab mix. He is a very handsome boy with a heart of gold.



Henna is a lovely girl who is playful and happy and is generally a little less boisterous than her 4 siblings who are also for adoption. She is a real sweetie and has a gentle way about her. Henna's mom is a black lab mix named Ebony who is calm and very well behaved who was fortunately rescued just prior to giving birth.

At just 10 weeks of age (born in early May 2014) Ally is not fully house trained so we are looking for a home where she will not be left alone for long periods. Puppies are great fun and their cute little faces can be hard to resist but they do require a commitment of time and energy as they grow to become well rounded and well behaved dogs.



Nelly is a keener and a curious little pup. She likes to be wherever the action is. Nelly's mom is a calm and very well behaved black lab mix named Ebony who was fortunately rescued just prior to giving birth.

At just 10 weeks of age (born in early May 2014) Ally is not fully house trained so we are looking for a home where she will not be left alone for long periods. Puppies are great fun and their cute little faces can be hard to resist but they do require a commitment of time and energy as you train them to become good canine citizens. It's a win win, training your puppy is not only a great way to bond but will help ensure you spend the next 10-15 years with a happy, well behaved and well rounded dog.



What can we possibly say about this incredibly cute little pup except that she is happy, playful, and so full of joy. Her self proclaimed mission in life, or so it seems, is to ensure nobody she meets leaves with their shoelaces still tied. Marilyn is 10 weeks old and looking for a loving home. Being a puppy, she will need a home where she is not left alone for long periods while she is being housetrained. Puppies are a whole lotta fun but they need a lot of guidance so we are looking for adopters who are wiling to invest the time and energy to help her become the best dog she can possibly be. Training your puppy not only provides an opportunity to spend quality time together but will help ensure you spend the next 10-15 years with a well balanced and well behaved dog. Marilyn is well socialized with other dogs and is a confident and friendly young girl who will bring light and laughter into your home



Ally is an adorable, free spirited little pup who loves to run and jump and playfully wrestle with her four siblings. She is very friendly and seems happy to participate in whatever activity happens to be taking place. Ally's mom is a calm and very well behaved black lab mix named Ebony who was fortunately rescued just prior to giving birth. Ally is the most distinct looking of her siblings and we think she may be a shepherd mix.

At just 10 weeks of age (born in early May 2014) Ally is not fully house trained so we are looking for a home where she will not be left alone for long periods. Puppies are great fun and their cute little faces can be hard to resist but they do require a commitment of time and energy as you train them to become good canine citizens. It's a win win, training your puppy is not only a great way to bond but will help ensure you spend the next 10-15 years with a happy, well behaved and well rounded dog.



At just a year of age (born July 6th, 2013) poor Maxie is already looking for home number 2. His previous owners are moving into an apartment that does not allow dogs so Maxie, as is often the case, had to go. Maxie's mother is a lab/pit mix and his father is an Australian shepherd. Maxie is a beautiful, if not somewhat unusual, mix of all three. His markings and colouring are really quite stunning. Maxie is good with other dogs and is fine with cats too. He is very social and friendly and really enjoys being with people. He is well behaved when left on his own although we were told he did sometimes bark when hearing loud and unexpected noises. Maxie was a bit overweight when he first arrived but he really likes to run and play so quickly trimmed down and is looking great. Maxie would benefit from some leash training but he is smart and already much, much better. He is very loving and we know he is very keen to leave shelter living behind and settle once again into a home of his own. Maxie is the third pup from this litter to come our way. We took in two of his sisters when they were just months old and both are getting rave reviews from their adoptive families. We think Maxie is equally capable of such distinction.



Clarabelle is a lovely little beagle/collie mix who can be a little timid when meeting new people but once she is comfortable she is very social and affectionate. She gets along with other dogs but she is an attention hog so we feel it best she be the only dog in the home. She is also good with cats. Clarabelle loves to play in the water and although the stream behind the shelter isn't quite deep enough for her to swim she makes the best of it. Clarabelle's leash skills were a little rusty upon arrival but she is improving at a fast rate and with a harness she is very easy to walk (even for kids). She has lived with children, some very young and from all accounts was very good with them. She is thrilled whenever kids visit the shelter. She is a cute little dog who bonds very quickly and will be a wonderful little companion.



Ebony is, simply put, a sweet and lovely girl. Barely out of puppyhood herself she recently gave birth to a litter of 11 adorable pups who she cared for with tenderness and love. Ebony walks beautifully on the leash and listens extremely well when off leash on the wooded trails behind the shelter. She is not yet two and already such a calm and well rounded dog. Hard to believe she was a stray living on her own in a remote northern community. If you are looking for a wonderful dog, Ebony is truly an exceptional find.



Dylan is a big, beautiful, bouncy black lab mix with a heart of gold and a spirit to match. He just loves to be loved and with some basic obedience training and some work on the leash, he will be a magnificent dog who we know will turn heads wherever he goes. At approximately 110 pounds he is bigger than an average lab but we aren't certain of his mix. Dylan was found as a stray and never claimed and prior to coming to our shelter he lived in a home for almost two weeks with 2 other dogs and they all got along fine. At the shelter, he couldn't care less when other dogs bark or jump up while he passes their kennel. In that regard, he is a real cool cucumber. We were told however that although he is quiet in the house he does get a anxious when left alone so while he settles in and adjusts to a new routine it is probably best that he isn't home alone for long periods. He has lots of happy energy so an active home where he gets ample opportunity to run and play would be ideal. We estimate his age to be 3.



Tia is a sweet and friendly 1 year old Staffordshire terrier who is not happy at the shelter and needs to be moved as soon as possible. Having spent the first 6 months of her life confined to a cage Tia lacks socialization and was not exposed to the many sights and sounds that are simply unavoidable in much of our day to day life so she has a lot of "new" to get used to. She knows some basic commands and is very gentle. To get her on the right track Tia really needs some one-on-one attention so we are looking for a home without another dog and no young children. We would consider a home with another dog only with an experienced dog person who would have the time to work independently with Tia. She is crate trained (obviously!) and calm and quiet in the house. Tia is playful and affectionate and very loving. She just needs someone who can give her some time and patience to teach her the ropes. Tia needs a chance to experience just how wonderful it is to be a dog, something her past owner deprived her of through his callous neglect.



Monty is a stunning, cream coloured husky with one brown eye and one piercing blue eye. He is approximately 6 years old. Monty LOVES to be outdoors. Although he is pretty good on the leash, he is probably best suited to a country home or a home where he has lots of opportunity to run and play SAFELY off of his leash. He doesn’t stray and checks in often - the perfect hiking partner. If you hike or jog and like the idea of having a canine companion by your side, Monty is your guy. He won’t have any trouble keeping up with you not sure however how well you’ll do keeping up with him! He is very well behaved and listens well. Monty is extremely friendly and great with people, kids, and other dogs but not with cats. Why not come by the shelter and take this beautiful boy for a long walk in the woods. We have no doubt he will win you over.



Slim, an 8 year old Australian Shepherd mix, is a stunning dog with with one brown and one blue eye. Slim had a very rough start in life. No loving, no exercise, no mental stimulation and likely he was treated with a very heavy hand. As a result, this very special dog needs a very special adopter; one who understands his needs and who is willing to give him the time he will need to settle into his new life and become a more confident dog. He is timid upon first meeting new people but he warms up once he has had a chance to spend even just a little quality time with you. Once you have earned Slim's trust, he shows himself to be a very loving and loyal companion. True to his breed Slim is very smart so will do best in a home where he gets lots of mental stimulation and ideally one where he is not alone for long periods. A home in the country or in a quiet neighbourhood would be most suitable. He gets along with other dogs and is fine with cats too. Slim is excellent on the leash and listens very well. He loves to go for long walks and is a great jogging partner. This beautiful dog really needs that special someone to come along; someone who is willing and able to give him the patience and love and exercise that he needs to thrive.



Norton is a beautiful mix of shepherd and lab. His snout and ears bear the characteristics of a shepherd while his body looks very much like a lab. He has the most beautiful colouring. Norton came to us from a high kill municipal pound where he had been picked up as a stray. Turns out he did have a family but as the story goes, they hadn't really wanted him and refused to pay his release fee. Imagine, they just left him there to die. But as heartbreaking as that is, I think most will agree that in the long run, he will be better off. Our job now is to find this handsome young dog a better, kinder and certainly more compassionate family. Norton gets along great with other dogs and is good with cats too. He is a little stressed living at the shelter and is happiest when in the company of people rather than in his kennel. He may be just a tad needy but lets cut the poor boy a little slack, imagine how confusing all this change must be. He is clearly a sensitive dog and from what we've come to know of him, he seems to have a real depth of character. We feel pretty certain that in a home where he feels secure and loved that he will prove to be an incredibly loyal and engaged companion. Norton walks quite well on the leash and is approximately 3 years old.



Flo is a wonderful dog who really needs a chance to find her forever home. Sadly she doesn't seem to be on the top of anyone's list and tends to get passed over time and again. She is very affectionate and although she can sometimes be a little uncertain when meeting new people once she spends just a little time with you her loving nature shines through. Flo is very calm and well behaved and is extremely devoted. She walks pretty well on the leash but she does sometimes pull if she sees a squirrel scurry across the path. Flo is fine with cats and small dogs but can be a little picky about which of the bigger dogs she chooses to befriend. We would so love to find this deserving girl a wonderful home.



Mylo is as cute and squishy as they come. He is sweet and loving and at just 9 weeks of age, has decided it is time to conquer any and all fears. He just forges ahead and it is very amusing to watch as he discovers the world around him. Mylo grew up with his litter mates so is well socialized and when encountering other dogs, he greets them enthusiastically and is always anxious to engage in play. Mylo is a lab/shepherd mix so he will likely grow to be anywhere from 50-70 pounds and will need a home where his physical needs can be met. Although without a doubt, adopting a puppy is a lot of fun, it is also a lot of work. Mylo will, have to be housetrained which requires that someone be with him most of the day at least for the first few months. A nine to five job and a puppy are not a good match. He will also need some guidance on how to become a good little canine citizen. All puppies need to be taught boundaries and learn basic manners so that they don't grow up to become big unruly dogs and Mylo is no exception. He is curious and engaged and although he may be easily distracted (as puppies tend to be) overall, he should be a fairly well behaved "student." When you get right down to it, there is really no down side to training a puppy. Not only will you end up with a well balanced and happy dog but it provides an opportunity to spend quality time together and is a great way to bond. When you adopt a puppy, you are entering into a 10-15 year relationship and best to build that relationship on a solid foundation of love, trust and mutual respect.



Keemi may be a senior but apparently she never got the memo. This 8 year old Samoyen/husky mix still has lots of energy and loves to go for long walks and roll in the tall grass. She is good with other dogs but a life free of cats is a must. In a perfect world, Keemi will have a nice fenced backyard to play in but since this world is far from perfect it is not an essential requirement for adoption. As long as she is taken out for nice walks and has the occasional opportunity to run in a dog park or other securely fenced in area she will be just fine. The important thing is to find this old gal a loving home where she can live out her golden years happy and loved.



Tony is a good dog who just needs a little time to adapt to being a pampered pet. He was rescued as a stray from a remote northern community where he was used to fending for himself. He is really a good dog and very affectionate. He LOVES to play ball and has learned to bring it back. We are now teaching him to wait patiently until we throw it again and he is responding really well. He is smart and picks up new tricks quickly. Tony walks pretty well on the leash and he knows how to stay by your side, he just needs to be reminded. He is a sweet boy and with a little time and some positive reinforcement we think he will do just fine in his new home. He just needs someone to give him the opportunity to figure things out. He cannot live with cats. Tony is approximately 2 years old.

p.s. don't mind his dirty tongue. It's from playing with his muddy tennis ball :-)


Dewey and Jethro (adopted together!!)

Mostly, when we think about puppies, the images that come to mind are those of cute and chubby little balls of fur romping around with their litter mates or happily playing with a newly discovered toy. Most of us would likely agree that it is hard not to feel good when in the company of a puppy. They seem to have not a care in the world. Being a puppy is supposed to be fun. Carefree and happy however are not words that can be used to describe Dewey and Jethro's first 7 months. Both were born into a life of cruel and deliberate neglect. When they were rescued it was clear they had been deprived of even the most basic care. They were skin and bones. The first course of action was to tend to their physical needs. They needed food, hydration and to rest comfortably while they put on weight and regained their strength. It was very encouraging that within just days of his rescue they were already looking and feeling better and it wasn't too long before that wonderful "feel good" puppy joy began to emerge, and emerge and emerge some more! They are now happy, loving and friendly little pups who enjoy life to the fullest. Dewey is very outgoing and wants to be friends with everyone he meets. Jethro is a little more timid and likes the security of being with his brother. If you are looking for cheerful and bright little dogs who have nothing but love to give, we hope you'll consider adopting one or better yet both.



We never even wrote a bio for Peppy. His perfect match spotted his photo on pound paws (which is the facebook page that helps network death row dogs to rescues) and within just days of taking him in he already had a visit lined up. Following our assesment and his vetting Peppy was on his way to his new life in Toronto. Peppy, now Jack is a terrific dog and despite being part Jack Russell he wasn't insanely high energy. A real cuddlebug with a happy and friendy disposition.



Lonnie is a sweet and loving girl. She can be a litte timid upon meeting new people but she has come such a long way in the last few months. We still think Lonnie will do best in a quieter home where she will be given the time she needs to learn to trust but given how much she has improved in a shelter environment, we have no doubt that with some one on one attention she will continue to thrive. For those of us who who have the pleasure of spending time with this lovely girl, we know her to be a happy and energetic little border collie cross who LOVES to go for long walks and is good on the leash. Lonnie is good with other dogs and with cats. She is approximately 4 and has been at the shelter for over a year. Lonnie deserves to finally have a home and family of her own.



Although Lorna has every reason to be a little hesitant about where life might take her next, this lovely girl continues to take life in stride and remains a good natured and happy dog. Lorna is 6 years old and from what we have seen, eases into new situations with grace and fortitude. Her curiosity seems to lend to her willingness to engage in new and different experiences. Lorna’s great passion is the oh so illustrious game of fetch, which she will play for as long as someone is willing to throw the ball. She is very clear on the rules of the game, she waits, person throws the ball, she runs at top speed to catch the ball, she returns the ball and the cycle repeats :-) We usually play with her awhile before her walk but still, upon our return, as we begin to near the dog park she pulls like crazy in anticipation of more playtime. She is good with other dogs big and small. Lorna can be a little excitable around cats but calms down quickly. She is well behaved in the house but she will need a little more work when it comes to walking on the leash. She loves to run and play and is an all season dog who really enjoys the snow (and probably snowballs!) According to her previous owner she is good about sticking around so once she settles into her new home, off leash in an area where she can run free safely should be fine. We were also told that she is afraid of thunder and howling winds so needs to feel especially secure during a storm. Lorna is a great dog and we know that her perfect family is out there. Our promise to Lorna is that this time we will find her a family who won't send her packing simply because life throws them a slight curve ball. Until she is adopted, we will keep her safe and warm and do our best to keep her spirits high.



Eddie is a young dog who arrived at Frontier after being found wandering on his own with a frayed rope dangling from his old collar. He was never claimed and is now looking to start his life anew. Eddie is not loving life at the shelter so it would be wonderful to find him a new home soon. He has settled in though and has adjusted to his routine. Eddie had an opportunity to spend some time in a temporary home where he proved to be a great jogging partner and really benefited from all the exercise. At roughly a year old he needs an adoptive family who is willing to provide him with a structured routine and work on teaching him a few manners especially when it comes to food. He is a great dog and wonderful with kids but he is an opportunist and will take food right out of their little hands. Because he does love his treats so much they are a great motivator for training. Eddie really enjoys playing ball—and we really enjoy watching him—as he has a quaint and charming clumsiness about him. We aren't sure of Eddie's lineage but likely a shepherd mix. He also has a bit of a hound quality to his look. Eddie gets along great with other dogs, is very people friendly and is ok with cats.



Betsy is a 8 year old Bassett hound mix. Mixed with what, well we're not quite sure but whatever her lineage, as far as she is concerned she is a lap dog plain and simple. Yes, Betsy likes nothing better than to crawl into your lap where she will happily curl up and snuggle for as long as you will let her. Betsy enjoys going for walks and, like most dogs, will sniff her way along the route but given her breed I guess that's no surprise. When Betsy is outdoors she must be on a leash or a fenced in yard as otherwise she will put her nose to the ground and just go. Betsy can be food and toy possessive so although she gets along with other dogs just fine, sharing a home with another dog might be tricky. With our long cold winters, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Betsy in your life? A soft and cuddly canine companion that you can snuggle with on the couch while you watch a movie or read a good book. If an easy going companion is what you are looking for, Betsy is your girl.



If big, fun, furry and friendly is what you are looking for, Leon might just be the one. He was found as a stray and brought to a local pound but it seems nobody was looking for him and eventually we were contacted to take him in and find him a family. Leon will do best in a home where he has lots of room to run and play outdoors. He is a big boy and has lots of energy but it isn't a crazy energy, just a happy, love of life energy. He gets along great with other dogs and enjoys chasing balls and fetching sticks. Leon is extremely good in the car and settles down nicely in his kennel. Based on what weâ??ve observed of his temperament and personality we anticipate that he will be good in the house. Leon has a very nice way about him and is a loving and good-natured dog. We think he is approximately 4 years old.



If puppies ruled the world, we would never forget the pure joy that the simplest thing can bring. Bridget embraces life and it is tough not to smile watching her go about her day. She is everything a puppy should be; playful, happy, enthusiastic, curious, and yes, a little bit naughty. She is always willing to lend a hand so no chore is mundane when Bridget is around. Her favourites seem to be sweeping, shoveling snow and doing laundry. She also likes to help you put on your socks. After a nice long walk or a romp in the snow, Bridget is very happy to settle down and take a snooze or cuddle up beside you on the couch.

But puppies aren’t just about fun and games. Like all puppies, Bridget needs a family who will set boundaries and give her the tools she needs to grow up to be a well behaved and well mannered dog. Bridget is smart and very keen to learn. She has energy and will benefit from an active lifestyle. A well exercised puppy is a happy puppy. So if you are looking for a wonderful, loving and spirited young dog and you are willing and able to provide her with the love. structure and training that she needs, then please send an email or give us a call. It’s time for this girl to settle down and find a home where she will be cherished and loved for the rest of her life. Bridget was born in early July so is 5 months old.



Honey was so named because of her incredibly sweet and loving nature. This lovely little golden mix loves people and is happiest when snuggled up close. She is very connected which is a great attribute in a dog. Despite it being fairly new to her, she walks quite well on the leash.

Honey has been through a lot of change in the last few months and as a result can at times be a little timid but she is settling in and as she adjusts to her new routine her confidence is growing. She isn't a fearful or skittish dog, she just needs a little extra reassurance now and then. Honey gets along fine with cats and plays very nicely with other dogs. Prior to coming to the shelter she spent a few days in a home where she enjoyed lots of playtime outside and was happy to indulge in long lazy naps or spend time sitting quietly with her caretaker on the couch. Honey is approximately 2 years old and will be a loyal and devoted little companion.



Wiley is a beautiful sheltie who was recently surrendered to us by his family. He gets along well with other dogs and is good with cats. He isn't perfectly leash trained but he is willowy and doesn't weight much so even though he pulls a little, he is easy to manage. With time and training he should be just fine. Wiley can be vocal so a setting where his "chorus" won’t be a nuisance to neighbours is a must. Wiley is approximately two years old and is a sweet and friendly little guy.



Jack is a great dog who is so incredibly good natured. He is super friendly and will happily play with any of the other dogs at the shelter and loves to run and chase the ball in our fenced in dog park. He is good with the cats too. Jack has a gentle and loving spirit and is adapting to his new routine. Like so many of the dogs who come our way Jack's life was very unsettled and when we first met him, he seemed a little shut down. It is sad when a dog so full of love is treated with such indifference. Poor Jack was shuttled from one home to another before finally being abandoned altogether but his spirit isn't broken and he remains a cheerful and happy boy. Jack probably didn't get nearly as much exercise as he needs so he is a little hefty and will need to lose a few pounds but for now, lets just think of it as more to love. Jack is two years old.



Puppy cuteness at its best. Hailey is a 4 month old mix of lab and australian shepherd. She is a sweet and friendly little girl and loves to cuddle. She has lived in a home environment and is already paper trained and with the enticement of a treat she even knows sit. She is a little inexperienced on the leash but that will come quickly. Her family said her favourite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and have her belly rubbed. She spent lots of time with her litter mates and is well socialized with other dogs.Being a puppy, her adopters must be willing to continue working on her housetraining and she will need a home where she won't be alone for long periods while she learns.



Nigel is a sweet and snuggly little pooch. He is very good natured and gets along great with other dogs and is fine with cats too. We think he is a mix of a lhasa apso and maybe maltese but it’s a bit of a guess. He is little and cute and has a great personality so whatever his breed, his new family will be adopting a loving and fun little companion. Nigel is full of energy and always excited to go out for a walk or to run and play in the dog park. Don’t be fooled by his size, although he does enjoy his down time just because he is small doesn’t mean he won’t need exercise. All dogs do! We estimate his age to be around 3.



Franklin, like so many of our dogs, was saved from a municipal pound. We are pretty sure he is part St. Bernard but the verdict is still out on what he is mixed with. He is a really affectionate and cuddly dog who loves to be with people. He is what we like to call a "leaner" meaning he likes to lean up again people for attention and pets. Franklin will benefit from a little reinforcment in the training department but he is only about a year old and is quite responsive so we have little doubt he will learn quickly. All in all Franklin is a happy and super friendly dog who is quickly winning over the hearts of all of us who have come to know him. He is good with other dogs, although not overly playful as he prefers to just hang with his people friends. Franklin, unfortunately, cannot live with cats. He has a slightly unusual tail that curls in a bit (at first we thought it was broken) but we've decided it makes him all the more unique :-)



Shakespeare is a wonderful dog who is thriving in his foster home. He is intelligent, knows his commands and walks very well on the leash. He is very active and playful and is a fun dog to have around but he does need an adopter who will set boundaries and give him some structure. He is good with kids and likes to be "part of the action." He is currently being kenneled at night where he is perfectly content and sleeps quietly. Shakespeare spent a lot of time at a local dog park where he plays really well with the other dogs and has even won over a rotti who pretty much doesn't like any other dogs. Shakespeare's can only remain in his foster home until mid November so we are really hoping to find him a new home soon.



Although only about 3.5 months old, Emmett is one chill puppy. He is a brindle boxer mix and given the size of his paws we think he is going to be a big dog. Emmett is extremely affectionate and friendly and is enjoying lots of playtime with the other dogs in our large, fenced enclosure. He plays very respectfully with the other dog, big and small. After a romp in the dog park or a nice long walk in the woods he likes nothing more than to lie in the sun (preferably on someone's lap) and just take in the day. Despite his very mellow nature, a puppy is a puppy and he will need a home where he will be given clear boundaries and the structure every puppy needs to grow up to be a well behaved dog. Don't wait too long, he is a charmer and we're hoping he won't be with us for very long :-)



This sweet collie/shepherd mix ended up at a high kill pound after she was abandonded when her owners moved. They just left her. Worst of all she has recently had a litter of puppies most of whom are probably being sold on Kijiji and who will likely just end up in the same situation as their mother. Sorry to be so heavy but it is such a sad situation in this province and with the idiots who make their way into municipal and provincial politics it is difficult to imagine the future looking brighter for homeless animals anytime soon. This girl's future however, will be full of happiness and love.



Wesley was saved from a high kill pound. He is such a sweet dog and his charm and calm nature will surely win the heart of some lucky family. He is adjusting well to the shelter environment but we are hoping he will find his new home soon. He walks really well on the leash and gets along well with other dogs and with cats too. Wesley is approximately 7 years old.



Chelsey is a 4 year old lab mix who, true to her breed, absolutely loves to swim. Chelsey is a lively, and friendly goofball who loves to play and go for long walks. Chelsey is good with other dogs and is fine with cats too. We would love for you to come and meet her so you can see for yourself how wonderful she is. If you are looking for a fun loving, outdoorsy, energetic, and friendly dog Chelsey is a perfect match.




China may be little but she has lots of moxie. Found as a stray, her fur was a matted mess so she has been completely shaved. She is very affectionate and gets along great with the other dogs and spends most of her time in the cat room. She really enjoys going for walks and is very good on the leash. She is great with kids too. A real sweetheart.



Jocko is a no nonsense kind of dog. When out on a walk he walks. When it's time to rest, he rests, when it is time to play he plays, when there are treats to be had he does whatever he has to make sure he gets as many as possible (including sitting up on his hind legs and giving his paw). This insanely cute little Disney dog is not quite 2. He has lots of energy but isn't on the go all the time, he does settle down. He just needs lots of playtime and exercise. He is good on the leash and very interactive and affectionate. A super dog for an active person or family. Jocko is a lot of fun and will keep you very entertained.



Tex is a very good natured shepherd mix who is approximately 4 years old. He was surrendered by his family so needless to say it took him a little time to settle in and accept that they just weren't ever coming back for him. He was sad but we are glad to say he seems to be moving on. He is a very good boy, good with other dogs, fine with cats and lived with kids. He walks superbly on the leash and loves to play with the other dogs in our dog park. He still mopes a little when we put him into his kennel but he does ok. He is thrilled though when it is his time to be out in one of our large outdoor dog runs. Although Tex has had to endure this little bump in his journey through life, in our opinion, his former family was not worthy of such a wonderful dog. This is your chance to pick up where they left off and give Tex the love and commitment he (and every dog) deserves.



With a spring in her step and a heart of gold, sweet Mimi embraces every day like it is her first. She greets everyone who stops in front of her kennel with an enthusiastic tail wag and a great anticipation of what might come next — a walk through the woods? An opportunity to roll in the grass? Some much deserved one on one time in the dog park? Mimi is still so full of life and loves to go for walks, she especially enjoys a long leisurely stroll along the wooded trail behind the shelter. She may be getting on in years but she hasn't given up hope on finding a home to call her own. Mimi is a sweet and loving dog and will fill your heart and home with joy. Her spirit is one worth knowing, if even only for a short time. Adopting a senior like Mimi is generous of heart but will also enrich your life in ways you can only truly know once you've experienced it.



How can you not fall in love with this happy, smiling dog? Ellie was found wandering with another dog in a remote, rural area. She spent two weeks at the local pound in hopes that someone would come to claim her but it seems nobody was looking for this sweet girl. We will likely never know what brought her to this crossroads in her life but what we do know is that she is a wonderful and happy dog who is anxiously awaiting her chance to start a new and better life with a family who will cherish her. Ellie is a beautiful and sweet 3 year old lab shepherd (or maybe collie) mix. She is exceptionally loving and calm and is great on the leash. A truly amazing dog who we know will bring happiness into your life. She gets along with other dogs and is fine with cats.



This sweet and timid girl was literally thrown out of a moving car and God only knows what her life had been like before experiencing this terrible trauma. Honey is very loving and affectionate but she will need time and patience to learn to trust. She does not like to be left home alone so potential adopters should expect to spend time working on her separation anxiety. She also does not like to be crated. She gets along fine with other dogs and cats. Honey needs a quiet and calm home without young kids. She is a heartbreaker and it is easy to feel sorry but all prospective adopters must be prepared to give her the time, energy and patience she will need to help her overcome her very difficult start in life.




Maya was found as a stray, her family was located but by then they had moved on and had simply tired of the responsibility of having a dog. Idiots! Frankly, it is probably the best thing that ever happened to Maya. She now has a chance to find a new and better family! Maya is a really great and fun loving little pup. She is approximately 9 months old and happy, happy, happy. She loves to play with the other small dogs and is very good with the cats. As far as Maya is concerned, life is grand and we intend to find her a family who will shower her with love and make sure she continues to thrive and live life to the fullest.



Most of us know the saying "A DOG IS A MAN'S BEST FRIEND" well Max is just that!!! Through the years we have come to know a lot of dogs BUT few have the devotion & love for people that Max has shown. He is so enthusiastic and loves to do whatever you are it a car ride, a walk in the forest or just relaxing beside you on your favourite couch. He is just a happy camper. He loves to fetch & retrieve a ball (we guess that is the retriever in him) Although it goes without saying that like all dogs, Max needs exercise, he is very relaxed and not at all high energy or hyper. Max just wants to be loved!!!! He is so affectionate and loves to meet new people but he also needs a owner that he will respect and who will give him lots of love and work with him to make sure he remains a great ambassador for this wonderful breed. We guarantee when you meet him you will see his soft eyes and fall in love!

Please give us a call for more information about MAX. We really want him to get into the right home SOON!!



Luna is a spirited young husky, greyhound mix with beautifully piercing blue eyes. She absolutely loves to play fetch and is pretty good about bringing her ball back to you. Since arriving at the shelter she has blossomed into a truly wonderful and playful dog who is eager to please. Purchased on a whim, Luna was deprived of the companionship, structure and training every puppy needs to mature into a confident young dog. As a result she can be a little insecure and a little needy. Should you decide to take a chance on this sweet girl, you will need to do so with the understanding that she will require some time and some patience while she adjusts to her new home. She is a fast learner though and is making tremendous strides. Luna is truly a dog in need of rescue and we know there is someone out there who will be able to give her the love and patience she so deserves to become a cherished member of your family.



Really! How incredibly cute is she? Molly was picked up as a stray and brought to the pound but never claimed so she eventually made her way to us. She is an affectionate, friendly, playful and fun loving little dog. Very easy going and gets along great with other dogs, big and small, and good with cats too. She is small but has a lot of spunk so we are looking for a home where she won't be left alone for long periods and ideally with a family where she will gets lots of attention. She loves kids and loves to run and play. We think she is approximately 2 years old.



Tango is a gorgeous black lab. He is very friendly and good with other dogs, cats and kids. He is extremely inteactive and loves to go for walks and play with other dogs in the dog park. Tango listens well and knows sit, down and is a champ at giving his paw. He is also a great swimmer. Tango is a really wonderful dog and will be a fun and loving addition to any lucky family. Tango is one year old.



Shawna is a beautiful and affectionate black shepherd mix who is very people friendly and who LOVES to play ball and is actually really great at catching them. She takes the game of fetch quite seriously and will play for as long as you are willing. She is also very good on the leash and loves her walks. She never pulls. Shawna would enjoy a home with a yard but as long as you can occassionally take her outdoors to a safe place where she can play fetch, a yard is not an absolute requirement. Shawna is also extremely affectionate and loving and is really, really ready for her new home. Shawna is approximately 4 years old and her ideal home is one where she is not left alone for long periods.


Big Ben

This gentle, snuggly bear of a dog shouldn't be at a shelter. He should be spending his golden years with his family but sadly, they had other ideas and this gentle loving dog no longer fit into their plans. A sad reality for so many dogs like Ben who, despite their limitless devotion and unconditional love, end up being tossed aside with little regard for their happiness or well being. Ben was understandably sad and confused when he first arrived at the shelter but we are working hard to make sure he feels secure and loved. He is adjusting but is more than ready to move on to the next phase of his life. For now, while he waits for his new family to come along, he enjoys spending time in the outdoor dog runs where he can bask in the warm spring sun. Ben is happiest when with people and is a sweet and devoted dog who will be an easy fit into just about any family. He is very calm and well behaved and is pretty good on the leash (he walks well but will pull if he decides he wants to get somewhere in a hurry). He gets along with other dogs and with cats too. We're hoping Big Ben won't be with us too much longer. It's time for him to start his life anew and we have a feeling he won't miss the shelter all that much :-)



BJ was surrendered to the shelter as a senior. It can be a difficult adjustment for an older dog so we were glad to find a wonderful couple willing to foster. After almost a year in their care, they have decided to adopt this sweet boy so no need for this old boy to have to adjust to yet another change.



Roxy came to our shelter neglected and extremely thin but still so sweet and loving. Although we did our best to make her comfortable while at the shelter, she was becoming increasingly stressed and unhappy. Concerned about her emotional well being we contacted Pit Stop Montreal Rescue who, following an evaluation, agreed to take her under their wing. They found her a great foster home and within just a couple of weeks, the couple fostering her decided to adopt. A very happy ending for this very deserving little girl.



Bronte is an interesting mix of Boxer and Boston Terrier. He arrived at our shelter with his brother Bradley and in the few short weeks he was with us he blossomed into a confident and playful young dog. He was adopted by a great family in Vermont who wrote to say.

Things are going very well with Bronte. We just adore him, and he seems to love us right back. Our other dog is warming up slowly - he's still a little bit protective of his food bowl, but otherwise they hang out very peacefully. Bronte runs around the yard with a big stick trying to get Jasper to grab on for tug of war, but when that fails he just races around with the stick by himself. Bronte is fascinated by our chickens, and cautious with our cats, but even they are coming along because he's so sweet and mellow. He's the best dog, and I'm smitten!



Bradley is an mix of Boston Terrier and boxer. This very loving and playful dog was adopted by a family with young children and he is great with them. His new mom Stephanie is home with him most of the day and he gets to spend time in the local dog park. The family doesn't live all that far from the shelter and they are planning to bring him to our annual dog walk. It will be great to see him again.



Zeus is a shepherd mix who is small in stature but packed full of love and enthusiasm. He lived at the shelter for a long time before finally winning the heart of a great woman named Meg. He reminded her of a dog she used to have and she couldn't stand the thought of him spending his senior years at the shelter. It wasn't a quick and easy adjustment. He didn't like being left on his own and was afraid to go up or down the stairs so couldn't sleep near Meg which he dealt with by barking all night. He also had to be left alone for a few hours each day and was having accidents in the house. When we adopt out dogs like Zeus who have been at the shelter for a long time, we can never really know what to expect so we do our best to make sure the adopters are not only prepared for the various behaviours that might occur but that they are open and willing to give their new family member time to adjust. Thank you Meg for doing just that and for having the patience to teach Zeus to overcome his fear of the stairs. Meg wrote to say

I'm so happy to have my little furry companion. He is adding immensely to the quality of my life, as I hope I am to his. Thanks to all the generous volunteers who work to improve the lives of so many homeless animals!



There are angels that walk this earth and two of them live in Vermont. Mason our 12 year was finally adopted after spending far too many years living at the shelter by Wendy and Brent who recently decided that their mission in life is to adopt seniors and give them as much love as possible in the time they have left. Mason is such a happy dog and we know he will give them a lot of tail wags and happiness. We are truly amazed at how many wonderful people have adopted from us over the years. They called to let us know that the first few days were a bit of an adjustment for Mason who seemed a bit out of sorts and didn't like to be left on his own but that he soon came to understand that this was his home and that he was there to stay and is now doing great.


Little Max aka Little Denis

Little Max was adopted by a couple from Vermont. They had recently moved to the area and bought a house on a large plot of land including lots of wooded trails. They said the only thing that was missing was a dog to enjoy it with them and Little Max was the lucky winner. This little pup has settled nicely into his new home and we are anxious to get some pics of him so we can see what he looks like all grown up.

*update. A few weeks after Little Max was adopted one of his brothers, a sweet little guy named Tucker, was brought to the shelter. When we let Max's family know about Tucker they decided to come to the shelter to meet him and decided to adopt him too. Needless to say we are thrilled that these two brothers will grow up together.



Ozzie is a stunning 2 year old black lab who was surrendered to our shelter when his family felt they could no longer keep him. He wasn't happy at the shelter so we were really glad that he was adopted so quickly. It was a bit of a rocky start because within just a few days of arriving his new home he began to bark and sometimes growl at anyone, other than the immediate family, who came into their home. Thankfully his adoptive family knew this was a behaviour that they had to nip in the bud so they consulted a trainer right away and already Ozzy is responding and doing extremely well. They think he is a wonderful dog and said they were prepared to do whatever it took to make it work. He gets along great with their other dog who is a puffy little fluff ball of some sort :) It is always so great when people take the time to help their new family member adjust to their new life. So many people are too quick to give up so we are glad Ozzy found such a commited family.


Stella (now Brandy)

Stella was saved from death row at a high kill, overcrowded municipal pound just outside of Montreal. She was at our shelter for almost 3 months before being adopted which surprised us all because she is such a beauty both inside and out. Then all of a sudden in less than a week we received 4 really great inquiries on her. The lucky family that adopted this sweet girl lives in Vermont and they recently called to say that they think she is just great. She is fine when left alone, smart (quickly learned her new name) calm & mellow in the house and seems to be very happy. They couldn't ask for more!



Mojo was surrendered to our shelter because his owner had no more time for him but I would say it has worked out very well for this sweet little dog who now lives in Vermont with his new best friend a 10 year old boy named Noah, a cat (they actually eat and play together) and a cocker spaniel who isn't quite so sure the family needed a second dog but who has graciously accepted him into the fold.



Nelson was saved from death row at a pound just outside of Montreal. He now lives in the beautiful state of Vermont with his great adoptive family who recently wrote to say...

"My husband and I are just thrilled with Nelson and feel so lucky to have such a well behaved, fun loving dog. He is such a joy in our lives. Thank you to the Frontier Animal Society for helping us find him and bring him home."



Despite coming perilously close to death at the municipal pound, Simon remained optimistic and full of life. He was adopted by a couple who had been looking for a large rescue for almost 6 months. They wrote to say

"Simon got so fast attached to us and we to him that it feels like he was always with us. our first week together was great, we already did some little training together and he is great, he is a very quick learner and always wants to please. I am so happy that he listens so well because we can already walk him off leash, what makes it much easier to play a lot :-) Also I haven't seen our whole property yet and it makes so much fun to explore it together with Simon. Also inside the house he is doing well. Simon is very nice to our cat (George). I would not say that they are best friends yet but every day it is getting better and better. Simon helps me so much to feel more and more home in canada and he makes us very happy. We feel very lucky to have him now in our life. Thank you so much for rescuing Simon, so that we have now the opportunity to have him here as our new family member. He is exactly what we were looking for and he is just perfect for us."




For the better part of her life, sweet little Maisie was used for breeding. When no longer useful to her greedy owner, she joined the ranks of the homeless. Maisie was literally thrown out of a car window but thankfully someone saw it happen and brought her to our shelter.

We were a little concerned about Maisie living at the shelter through the long cold winter, it is warm at the shelter but still, not ideal for a small, senior dog. Maisie went into a foster home in early January. They made it pretty clear it was not their intention to adopt, they just wanted her to live in a home until her forever family came along. When we called them not even two weeks later to let them know we had an inquiry and wanted to set up a visit they asked if they could get back to us. When they did, it was to let us know that Maisie wasn't going anywhere. This sweet girl whose life has been so crappy, now lives on 140 acres in the country and has someone home with her most of the time. Maisie's old life will soon be a distant memory.



Parker was adopted in early December by a wonderful family who have adopted 6 dogs from our shelter, mostly seniors. Our goal was to find Parker a family, preferably with kids, who would be able to match his energy and keep him busy. Jack Russells are great dogs but they need to be on the move. Parker now has lots of opportunity to play ball with the two teenage kids and walks two km every morning to visit the family's horses. They recently sent an email to say they really love him and that he is doing great.



Princess was brought to our shelter because she was purchased as a puppy for an older couple who simply couldn't handle the needs of such a young and energetic dog. She was kind of nuts when she arrived so we decided to work with her a bit before placing her up for adoption. When we finally decided she was ready, we posted her on petfinder and within 3 days she was adopted. Her new family adores her and Princess (now Poppy) is a very happy girl!



Carson lived at the shelter for way too long before finally being adopted just before Christmas. Carson needed a little work with housetraining which seemed to discourage people from choosing this wonderful little dog. Fortunately a wonderul woman and her daughter came along and chose him anyway. They called to say he has settled in really well and is enjoying sleeping on the bed. A nice change from the shelter!


Belle and Sebastian

Belle and her brother Sebastian were abandoned by the side of the road when they were not even a year old. They had grown very dependent on one another so it was decided they should be adopted together. It took awhile but they finally found their guardian angel and are now living happily in Vermont with their new family. They love to run and play in the dog run that is located right across the street from where they live but they especially love to come home to a warm, comfortable house where they can snuggle up together without a care in the world.



Leica is now happily living with another husky and is enjoying her new life. They spend hours running and playing together in the large backyard. Her new family has had to reinforce their fence to make sure she stays put but they were happy to do it. We will post an update shortly.



Goldie was found as a stray and never claimed. She was at the shelter for three weeks before we posted her for adoption. Within 24 hours we had a inquiry and it turned out to be a great match. Goldie's new mom recently sent an update. We had to edit it down, she had so many great things to say...

In a nutshell, Goldie is fantastic and doing well! I'm having a great time with her and she seems to be really happy here. Goldie is such a sweetheart and anyone who has met her agrees. Plus - she shows more talents and sweetness than I even expected. She is an amazing dog! She's a very special dog - and so loving. I feel so lucky to have found her - and feel really grateful for Joyce's rescue efforts. I know the Frontier Animal Society is a true lifesaver for so many dogs and cats, and I think her great attitude and manner is a result of the great care you give these animals. I also realize that it was hard to see her leave -- I can understand why. We'll have to do a reunion visit at some point. She's so much fun and affectionate and very playful. Loves rides and walks and people (and - no surprise - food). I wish I could ask her to tell me her story.




Blair lived at the shelter for almost four years. We are so thankful that Cam and Peter came along and saw him for what he is, a beautiful, loving dog. He deserves every ounce of happiness his new family gives him. They even wrote a song for him. Lucky, lucky dog.

We want to let you all know that Blair is settling in very well and adapting beautifully to life with us. He is great in the house in every way- warm, gentle, affectionate; outdoors he is good with commands, and great on walks. We have fun playing with a tennis ball inside and outside and he loves his new toys and beds. Our cat is still adjusting but we see daily progress, and Blair really likes all the women at the vet's office and various friends and neighbors who have met him.

Thank you all again for bringing us together and if you are ever in our area, come for a visit.

Sincerely, Cam and Peter



Pip was saved from a high intake, high kill pound just outside of Montreal. She was at the shelter for a little over a year before being adopted. She is now living in the country with her new family and gets to enjoy lots of outdoor activities.

Hi! I know you are probably anxious to know how Pip is adjusting to her new home. Well, everything is going wonderfully! Pip and I had a great first day together. We bonded immediately. Every time I made eye contact with her in the car, she would come over to the drivers side to give me a kiss. I had a lot of firewood to move. It's a long hard job, and it was so great to have Pip there to boost my moral! I attached her to a long rope so she had plenty of room to move. She followed me around and each time I took a rest she came to visit me and get a belly rub. She got along great with Mat too when he came home. We fed her dinner and she is now comfortably sleeping at the foot of the bed! I know she will be missed back at the shelter, but you can be at peace knowing she has a safe, loving home and family. Thank you so much for helping me find my new best friend and companion. Just like I thought, she is a perfect match for me and Mat.



Chenal (formerly Chennelle)

Chenal was purchased impulsively from a backyard breeder. The family that bought her had no business owning a dog but of course given that backyard breeders are motivated soley by profit, they don't care who adopts their puppies and care even less about where those puppies end up. Luckily, Chenal ended up with us and we were able to find her a wonderful new home. Her family has sent two updates.

Chenal is a beautiful, intelligent, friendly pet. We both love her and she is spoiled worse than our grandchildren but we love her and I think she loves us. She has met all (4) grandchildren, grandpa (91 years old) and the family in between including a fixed female bull mastiff. Everything went very well. One little problem is separation anxiety as she barked, cried, and paced the first few times I left her with Shirley, she even cried today when Shirley went out for an hour. She is getting better and we are also learning how to handle her in this situation.

They more recently wrote to say:

It will be 3 weeks on Friday that we adopted Chanel, we really lucked out with this puppy, she is so much fun and so lovable, and I must say very well behaved. She has a furever home now and I think she is very happy. I believe she is over her separation anxiety, as she has fit into our lifestyle very well. I am happy, Shirley is happy and my 6 year old grandson asked if he could have have her if we didn't want her. He got to babysit her 1 weekend (with his family). Anyway please consider Chanel as ours forever

Thank you for the beautiful friends.



Hawkeye was at the shelter for just a few months but he wasn't a happy camper. We were so glad when he found his wonderful new home and could leave shelter life behind. His new family recently sent this update.

We absolutely ADORE Hawkeye. He curled up like a kitty in the back of our car and slept the whole way home to VT. He met our other two labs, went for a swim, played ball, and had a bath all in his first afternoon! Within 24 hours he was successfully staying close and working off lead on our property. He loves car rides and happily goes visiting to the local ski shops and loves his village walks and local hikes. Soon enough we'll be able to ski! The three of them have adjusted nicely and enjoy their quiet time inside on their beds by the wood stove. Hawkeye is putting some weight back on and learning how to share the ball and play fetch politely. We're working through some of his toy and food possessive traits and he's making good progress. The trainer we work with loves him and we'll enroll him in obedience class after Christmas.

It's hard to believe someone was capable of neglecting and disposing of this dog. He's the kindest and gentlest soul. Thanks so much for looking after him until we could bring him home!



Tilly came to the shelter in July when the family that had her could no longer keep her due to a change in their living arrangments. We felt their decision was made hastily and that things could have been worked out but their minds were made up. We were glad they made the choice to surrender her though and not post her for sale on kijiji or craigslist. We had lots of inquiries on her but we waited until one came along that was just right. Her new family wrote to let us know how things were going and had this to say.

Tilly has been with us for three weeks now. She has settled in very nicely. We have been so impressed with this two year old precious Boston Terrier. She is exactly what we were looking for in a dog and more! She is intelligent, affectionate, respectful, a great walker and a little couch potato. She is lucky to have found a good home, but we are even luckier to have her! She enjoys playing with her good toys and loves to snuggle with her mommy and daddy. She also loves to take long walks in the park. Tilly is now a part of the family and is loved so much. We want to thank everyone at the Frontier Animal Society for bringing us together with our precious Tilly.


Jack Sprat

Jack Sprat is a typical Jack Russell. For those familliar with the breed we don't have to tell you that Jack is a lively and spirited little dog who is as curious as he is cute. Despite his antics you cant help but love him and there is little doubt that he is a favourite at the shelter. True to his breed he is loving, devoted and very intelligent.

Jack is now living with a wonderful couple who recently called to say that compared to their last Jack Russell who they loved deeply and had for over 13 years, Jack Sprat is an angel. Jack will now be spending much of the winter in sunny Florida. What a great new beginning for this sweet little dog who nobody wanted and who was saved from the pound only 45 minutes before he was to be euthanized.



Zip is an older lab who spent many years living at the shelter. Just recently his luck changed when he was adopted by an amazing family who knew from the moment they saw his photo that he was their dog. They wrote,

Zip has been with us for 9 days now and wow he's a great dog. He's getting used to his new environment and he's responding like a real champion. Honestly, I'm impressed by him. This weekend was my older daughter's 5th birthday and we had 2 parties. Zip stayed so calm and even though he was really excited he didn't jump on anybody but was just happy to be part of it. I also brought Zip to the daycare and he was so gentle with all of the kids. We are very lucky to have found this special dog. My kids are so in love with him, more than I was expecting. And, obviously, Zip likes to play with them and he loves to run after the ball. My older daughter put a birthday cap on Zip who wore it for almost 1 hour. Both kids can do anything with him! Zip sleeps very well too. The first few nights were spent on his carpet beside the bed. Now, he walking around too, doing his "inspection" then he comes back and sleeps the rest of the night! He listens very well too I just have to call his name or whistle and he comes back. And walking Zip is a real charm too. I always smile hearing my kids and wife speaking English with Zip (sit down, come here, good boy, etc.). We all do our best to make sure Zip is happy and he gives plenty back. Thanks again for using the Internet to "promote" your dogs or else we would never have met this wonderful friend Zip!



After living at the shelter for almost 5 years, it was finally Buddy's time to shine. Buddy's new family wrote to say..

As I write this, Buddy has his head on my lap and is snoring. He has settled in and is happy. He gets 3-5 walks a day, eats well (though, a bit fussy). We decided to supplement his dry food and canned food with mince meat and rice, or chicken breast and rice.

We have a bed for him, but he chose to sleep on our beds. We don't mind him getting on top of the sofas, or recliner. He has, pretty much the run of the place. We like him to be comfortable. My sister, nieces, and mother have all fallen in love with Buddy as he is a calm guy and very slow and measured in his actions. Stephanie, my older niece, used to be scared of Linda's dogs, though they were also very nice, but she took to Buddy like a Lab to water.

We are very happy with Buddy and he is happy and trusting with us.



Bucky was adopted in late August. Although his new human family was taken with him right away, they had to make sure that Benson their resident beagle hound mix was ok with him. Although Benson (on the left) may not look too thrilled in this photo, Bucky's new family wrote...

Bucky is definitely a keeper -- he's now part of the family. In the house he'll sometimes run at top speed from one end of the room to the other. What'll set him off is one of Benson's balls or if one of us assumes the crouching "time to play" position. He's still trying to get Benson to play with him, and Benson is showing some signs of giving in. The inside peeing has stopped and we now have two "food thieves" to deal with, but that's normal for us. We're enjoying Bucky a lot. I think he's made the fastest transition of any of our dogs and is really a little character. Coming home from work to see him waiting at the door for me is the high point of my day.

Caroline and Robert



Barney arrived at our shelter after his owner, who had rescued him from a neglectful home, could no longer care for him due to illness. Barney was very stressed living at the shelter so we were very pleased that his wonderful new family came along only a few weeks after his arrival. Barney wrote...

I have arrived safely in my new home in Pennsylvania. It’s very hot here but luckily my new people have air conditioning. I was so comfortable that I slept perfectly all night and didn’t make a sound. I did stay up kind of late because the teenagers don’t like to go to bed too early shhhhh. I went for my first jog and walk around a really big cornfield. When we were on our way back there was a huge pack of my fellow countrymen Canada geese. I called out to them, “hey what are you guys doing here”!? All in all it was a very fun and new experience. I just wish my owner wouldn’t get tired so fast. I could run forever...

Thank you to my new family, Maureen, Will and Ben



Jake was found as a stray wandering the highway and never claimed. He lived at our shelter for about 3 months before he found a wonderful new home not too far from us. He now lives with 2 other beagles and has lots of room to run and play safely outdoors. He adapted very quickly to his new home and is doing extremely well.


Val and Cliff

Val and Cliff are a bonded pair who were found running lose along the highway one dark winter night. We were so lucky that Louise and Dale came along and adopted them both especially since they needed a home where they would be given the time and patience to adjust to their new life. Louise wrote...

As I type this, Cliff is sleeping on my left, with his head on my foot, while Val is snoring on my right. They are like our shadows, following me (or Dale) whenever we move. They are beautiful, lovely dogs, and we love them already. We've been doing lots of training and they're learning fast. They're starting to let their guard down and trust that they'll be okay. Even the cats are starting to come out of hiding! We're so glad we adopted these two - it was a perfect match!



Talula was adopted from the shelter years ago and then brought back when the family could no longer keep her. She was older but no worse for ware and happily one of our volunteers adopted her. She now lives with two kids, another dog and six cats.

Talula is doing great. She moved right in and within just a few days we felt like she considered it home. Talula likes a soft bed and although she has one that we feel fits the bill she likes to pad it with an assortment of items from around the house. In the morning we find slippers, pillows, hats, socks, towels and anything else she managed to pillage nicely tucked in and around her bed. She even drags the large cushions from the couch to her bed. She may not be young but she is full of life and a terrific addition to our ever growing family.




Rocco da pug is a pug through and through. He is confident, friendly and a great little side kick. Rocco just seems to go with the flow and is happy to hang out with you on a walk or just sit on your lap while you watch tv. At just under a year, Rocco was more than ready for a home of his own. Rocco is a really great little dog and we are glad to say that he managed to snuffle and snort his way into the heart of a wonderful adoptive family.



Gypsy is a beautiful and very loving collie mix. We aren't 100% certain of her age but she is 5 at the most. She is very friendly and playful but also very focused and walks very well on the leash. She loves to play with her toys and is as sweet as can be. She is good with dogs and very people friendly. We would love for you to come to the shelter to meet her so she can work her charm and you can experience for yourself just how great she is.



We received many inquiries on Mitsy but because of her energy and somewhat enthousiastic approach towards life we had to make sure she was adopted into a home where she would get the attention and excercise she needs to become a well behaved adult dog. Finally that home came along and we are so pleased that she is finally adopted. A big thank you to Emma who worked with Mitsy the last few months and helped her on her way to becoming a well mannered little canine citizen.



For the first time in over 2 years, the corner kennel sits empty. Athena has finally found a home of her own! Her life was crappy before she arrived at our shelter and although we loved her and did what we could to keep her happy, she so deserves a better, happier life. We will update as soon as we get more news from her wonderful adoptive family.


James Dean (formerly known as Packy)

Dan and I could not be happier with our new family member James Dean. He is an amazing kind soul and fit in to our lives without any problems. He is a very smart dog, eager to learn the basic obedience and tricks also. Even better he is a love bug!!!! Loves to cuddle, playfully wrestle and even licks the tops of our two cats heads. Though all dogs are amazing, James Dean is the perfect dog for both Dan and myself!





Tanner is an absolutely stunning German Shepherd. He arrived at our shelter almost twenty pounds underweight but has filled out nicely. Tanner is really clever and energetic. Despite Tanner's regal appearance, he certainly was not treated in the manner to which most royals are accustomed. Tanner spent months tied outdoors on an 8 ft chain. Over time he wore a deep track in the mud where he paced in circles, day after day after day. No dog should ever live that way. Fortunately, Tanner was surrendered by his owner who told us he was too much to handle. Too much to handle? He is a dream and asks only for a little love and affection, a warm place to sleep at night and of course lots of playtime.

Tanner is now in a home where he will get the exercise he needs and can run and play without the limits imposed by a rusty old chain. He shares his new home with 2 senior beagle rotti mixes who were adopted from our shelter many years ago. Tanner will no doubt have lots of opportunity to chase sticks and play fetch which he really loves. The best thing is that his new home isn't all that far away from the shelter so no doubt we will have occassion to see him every now and again.


Bo and Blaze

These two lucky brothers were adopted together. Their new family wrote, when we went to the shelter, we took both Bo and Blaze for a walk. My husband liked Blaze more and my daughter liked Bo more! What a dilema. My son and I liked both, so how do you make a decison? They seemed to be very close to each other and they were very well behaved! So, when we left, I said maybe we should get both, and everyone agreed. We went and bought two beds,two bowls and two toys!

Their new family recently sent an update and this is what they had to say "Bo and Blaze are doing great! They are so sweet! They really love to play with each other and always want to be with each other.They enjoy sleeping on my bed and are so happy if we let them stay there all night. Our family has been taking turns, taking them out for walks. They have a lot of energy!! They must go on 7 or 8 walks a day!! They LOVE to wrestle with each other. The only thing that they have chewed was my husband's prescription sunglasses!! That was his fault, I think! He brought them in his truck to Magog. He had a meeting for 20 minutes and left the dogs alone in the truck (where his glasses were on the dash!) They DO NOT like to be left alone!! Now he knows. Our only regret is that we couldn't adopt their sister Mitsy too!"



Like his puppy friends Blaze, Bo, and Mitzy (Bo and Blaze also adopted), Dodger was rescued from a condemned house where his previous owner had abandoned him. When I came to the shelter looking for a dog to adopt, I wasn't immediately taken with Dodger. He was big, black (all my neighbours seem to have black dogs), and he barked a lot. But Joyce, who had carefully listened to what I was looking for in a dog, kept bringing my attention back to him. Finally she said, "I don't want to pressure you, but why don't you take him for a walk?" So I did and immediately fell in love with him, as did my husband and daughter. Dodger is a real charmer. He loves to be loved, is eager to please, and so has been easy to train. To my relief, he is not a barker at all. He's calm and quiet if I leave him on his chain and from the beginning I've been able to leave him alone in the house and he behaves himself. He loves to run free and play, but is also happy just hanging out at my feet while I read. I wanted a dog I could walk off leash in the woods, one I could cross country ski with, and Dodger has quickly shown that he can be trusted to always stay close by and to come when he's called - even when there is an interesting bird or squirrel to chase!

We owe a big thank you to Joyce who knew which dog we needed before we did!

Carolyn Rowell, David Baldwin, and Dodger



Kelsey was adopted from our shelter by a wonderful couple who recently wrote us to say "Kelsey is a wondrous addition to our household. We simply adore her. She has fit in with our sweetie pie, Spunky the cat. Spunky was not pleased to share the house, nor her humans, with another four-footed being, but over the months has accepted that Kelsey is not going away. Now and again we find the two of them curled up, not together, but almost side-by-side on the couch; a sign of a truce on Spunky's part. We really have wonderful luck to have had such a wonderful, well-behaved, and loving dog find us. I do believe that we don't pick them out; they send out their tractor beam to bring us to them. We are truly blessed."

All the best, Anmarie



Panda is a joyful, happy dog whose self-appointed job is to say hello to everyone and give out as many kisses as she can. She loves to chase her ball, play with other dogs and roll in the grass. She has adjusted to her new life with grace and enthusiasm and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more well-adjusted animal. The whole neighbourhood knows her name and we are thrilled to have become her forever family. Thank-you so much to the Frontier Animal Society for keeping her alive and well until we were able to come and meet her, and bring her home. If it weren't for Joyce, Panda would be no more, which is unimaginable to us. Thank-you Joyce, and thank-you Frontier Animal Society!

Anile Prakash



Jingles arrived at our shelter at the young age of two. This super friendly and energetic little girl spent most of her time in our cat room but given that she is smaller than many of our feline residents, she fit in just fine. Jingles is thrilled to meet everybody and once she is confident that you know just how happy she is to see you, she settles right down. Jingles was featured on the underdog club website and was adopted within just a few weeks. She now lives with a wonderful couple in the suburbs of Montreal and has a great big backyard to call her own.