Save a life. Adopt from a shelter.

Adopt a Cat

Finding homes for the thousands of adoptable cats that end up in shelters is a incredibly daunting task but we will continue to do what we can to help as many homeless cats as possible. Currently, we have 20 friendly cats up for adoption. Our cats range in age from kittens to seniors. Kittens are transferred to foster homes upon their arrival.

Each of our cats has a distinct and unique personality and we know if you spend a little time with them you will find one that is right for you so we welcome your visit! To arrange an appointment please call our adoption coordinator Brenda at 819.876/7747 any day of the week between 8 a.m and 8 p.m.

Our cats have toys and comfy beds and most importantly each other but it is always great when one of our cats is adopted into a loving forever home.

To view our adoptable cats please visit our petfinder page.


Marmalade. Our very own little ray of sunshine!

Marmalade is a sweet and friendly little barn cat who didn't want to chase mice or frolic and play amidst the bales of hay. What Marmalade wanted more than anything was to live in a real home and be loved by a family of her very own. She is now safely tucked away in a foster home where she loves sleeping in front of the wood stove and has fun playing with the calmer of the two resident cats. Our concern is that Marmalade's foster family can only keep her a short time so our hope is to find her a family as quickly as possible.

Marmalade is just a wisp of a cat who at the age of 5 still looks like a kitten. She is also a rarity in that only about 20% of orange cats are female. She is a lovely, cuddly and affectionate little cat who loves to be brushed and pampered.

Marmalade does however suffer from a chronic upper respiratory infection (URI) which means she can be a bit sneezy and sometimes has a watery eye. Her foster mom says she is doing very well though and is in good health. Living in a home environment is making a world of difference. She has been seen by our vet and does not require any special care or medication. All she needs is the love of a kind adopter.

If you can give this gentle girl the home she longs for, we know she'll quickly charm her way into your heart.



Coal was surrendered by a household that needed to "get rid of" all their animals prior to a move. Coal, wis a lovely and sweet 8 month tabby. He is new so we are still getting to know him but he is proving to be a really nice and well adjusted little cat who is calm and friendly.



What a sweetie this kitten is! Pinceau was left in his carrier outside of an apartment building and when first discovered he was in terrible shape. It was a rough start for this little darling but he is coming around nicely. He loves to be held and interacted with. He is also starting to feel well enough to play. We have a feeling this little guy is going to have a lot of personality as he grows more confident.

Pinceau is 3 months old and we are trying to determine if he is partly or fully deaf. Either way, after such a crappy start to life he deserves the best possible home. Given that he does seem to have some hearing impairment, while it requires no additional care, it would be unsafe to allow him outdoors so Pinceau is an indoor cat only.



Mr. Whinnie is 7 months old. He is playful, curious and very loving. He’s a superb little cat.

When he arrived he was not in great shape and needed lots of TLC but he is now a happy and healthy young cat.

He really is a wonderful cat that has a very positive outlook on life. He will liven up your life for sure!



Introducing Oregano, the last of our spice cats to find a home. What a brilliant, handsome little guy. Look at that face, he deserves to be in a nice warm cozy home.

Oregano is a 1 yr old male. He is a terrific cat and very interactive and trusting. He loves to be held and loves his toys.

Some cats aren't as people friendly as others but Oregano loves attention and loves being with people.

He is waiting patiently for a loving family to take him home.



Hibou is a gorgeous long haired calico who was found begging for food outside someoneís house. She is calm and affectionate. Hibou is 2-3 yrs old.




Haus is a great cat and we are amazed this beautiful, friendly and charming 2 year old boy has yet to find a home.

Haus was found as a stray and when he first arrived he was thin and a little ragged but we knew that with love and some healthy meals he he would blossom into the handsome cat that he is. At first Haus was a little shy but now settled into his routine and feeling more secure, Haus is far more confident. He is always up for some cuddles, enjoys being pet and loves to be brushed. He is a curious cat who likes to follow the volunteers around the shelter and he loves to play with his toys. Haus is an elegant and sociable cat who has come to love sitting on laps and he gets along very well with the other cats in the colony. While living in a shelter is certainly a step up from fending for himself outdoors, Haus deserves a home. We have no doubt this willowy and graceful smoky grey cat will indulge fully in living the life of a pampered pet.



Juniper is a lovely young cat who was brought to us when her owner could no longer care for her. Needless to say it was a big change for this gentle cat and while she was a little out of sorts at first she has adapted well and is proving to be a very friendly and outgoing cat. She loves to be pet and loves to cuddle.


Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is a stunning all black cat with very soft and gentle eyes and a beautiful shiny coat. She is a little timid when you first meet her but it doesn't take long before she warms up and enjoys some one to one attention. Itís long overdue that this sweet and gentle cat finds her forever home. Miss Kitty has been with us longer than any other of our cats but the only reason we can think of is that because she is a little shy, Miss Kitty doesnít tend to get a lot of attention from visitors. What we can tell you is that she is just as deserving of a loving family and if you take just a little time to get to know her we know you'll fall for her gentle charm. Once she gets to know you she is very affectionate and will readily come to you for pets. If you are looking for a quiet and distinguished cat who will adore you, please consider Miss Kitty. Miss Kitty is approximately 6 years old and is best suited to a quiet home where there is not a lot of activity. This lovely but timid girl should be an indoor cat only.